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Managing Enrichment Projects (Limited Release)

Use enrichment services to validate, standardize, and supplement your data.

Enrichment enables you to integrate your internal data with additional data from the Tamr enrichment services. Enrichment provides more complete, accurate, and valid data to help you make informed business decisions. For example, you might use enrichment to add standard country codes to your records or to validate phone numbers.

Enrichment services are fully managed by Tamr and are delivered through a native integration.

See Enrichment Services for the services currently supported by Tamr.


important Important: Tamr recommends enriching data through enrichment services in the Tamr Cloud offering, instead of through Tamr Core enrichment projects. If you are interested in using data enrichment, contact Tamr Support at [email protected] to discuss available options and recommendations. Enrichment in Tamr Core is in limited release. An additional data processing agreement is required, and you must work with Tamr to set certain configuration variables before enabling enrichment projects.

See Creating an Enrichment Project for information on enabling the enrichment feature once you have configured Tamr to run enrichment.

Enrichment is available in Tamr v2021.002.1 and later for cloud-native deployments.

Security Considerations

When using this feature, data is sent to the Tamr-provided SaaS Enrichment Application. Tamr does not persist any data that passes through enrichment. For detailed security information, contact Support.

Enrichment Components

The enrichment feature includes two components:

  • Enrichment Module within your deployment
  • Tamr's Enrichment SaaS application

The following diagram describes the enrichment architecture. Note that some enrichers connect to external services.


Enrichment architecture

The enrichment module connects with the Enrichment SaaS application to retrieve a list of enrichment services as well as their location and schema (input and output). When you select the dataset that you want to enrich and which enrichment service to use, Tamr partitions the dataset and sends batches of records directly to the selected enrichment service. When enrichment is complete, the results are available within Tamr Core as a new dataset.


Input and output datasets

Tamr’s enrichment model is incremental, meaning that each time you update the source dataset(s) and enrich records, Tamr automatically enriches only the new and updated records in the source dataset(s). Incremental enrichment offers cost savings by not enriching the same record twice.