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Creating a Project

Create a project, specifying its name, type and (optionally) external id properties.

Project Properties

The properties that identify the Tamr Core projects that you create are:

  • Type: One of schema mapping, mastering, golden records, categorization, or enrichment.
  • Name (required): A project's name must be unique. Project names cannot include the characters /, \, or :, a leading ., or leading or trailing white spaces.
    Note: Avoid using other special characters in project names. Project names that include the characters ?, #, or % can cause errors later in the project workflow.
  • External Id: A unique identifier that you can use to reference the project from an external client, such as the Tamr Python Client.
    On project creation, Tamr Core generates a unique external ID value. You can update the external ID if necessary using the Tamr Core API (Update a Project).

Creating a Project

To create a project:

  1. Navigate to the home page.
  2. Select Create New Project, and then choose a project type.
  3. In the Project Name field, enter the project name.
  4. (Optional) You can change the default values for the remaining fields now, or edit the project later to configure the following settings.
  • A Description can provide more details about your project.
  • Mastering and categorization projects include an Enable Transformations checkbox. Select to include the Unified Dataset page for transforming data in the project.
  • Categorization projects include a field to identify the type of data you are categorizing. Common values include "part", "product", or "transaction". Tamr Core uses this value to customize the UI.
  • Mastering projects include a field to input the type of data you are mastering. Common values include "supplier", "customer", or "employee". Tamr Core uses this value to customize the UI. These projects also include a field to customize the term for potential duplicates. Most commonly, duplicates are called "pairs".
  1. Give other team members access to this project by making it a resource of at least one policy. See Updating Project Access.
  2. Select Create.
    You proceed to adding or uploading datasets. For a golden records project, you select the mastering project with the record clusters that you want to group into golden records.

Creating a mastering project

Additional project settings become available after project creation. See Viewing and Editing a Project's Settings. For example, for mastering projects, you can enable the learned pairs feature later in the project workflow by setting a value for What is the maximum amount of Learned Pairs that should be generated per cluster. See learned pairs.