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Uploading a Taxonomy File

After you create the unified dataset, you upload a file of hierarchical categories.

Tamr Core supports upload of local data files with the following characteristics:
Format: Comma-separated values (.csv) file. The delimiter, quote, and escape characters are ,, ", and " respectively.
Encoding: UTF-8.
Header: The file must not contain a header row.
Columns: The file must contain one column per taxonomy tier.
Records: The file must contain either one record per taxonomy category or one record per taxonomy leaf-category.

Note: If you need to refresh or update the taxonomy file in a categorization project by uploading a new file, you must first delete any previously uploaded taxonomy file.

To upload a taxonomy file:

  1. Navigate to the Categories page.
  2. Select Upload.
  3. Select Choose File and locate your taxonomy file.
  4. (Optional) edit the Taxonomy Name.
  5. Select Upload.

You can customize the taxonomy for your project after you upload it. See Managing a Taxonomy.