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Viewing Job Details

View job status, search by job description, and view DAG or JSON representations of job results.

All team members have read access to the Jobs page. Admins, and curators and authors with project access, can view additional details for jobs.

To view job details:

  1. In the top right navigation bar, select Jobs. The Jobs page opens with jobs listed in reverse chronological order (most recently submitted first). Current job status appears in the right column.
  2. Optional. Change how jobs are sorted: select the Submitted or Ended column heading. Any jobs in a Running status continue to display first, followed by all other jobs in reverse chronological order. Select a column heading again to sort in chronological order.
  3. To view a DAG (directed acyclic graph) or JSON representation of a job, select the hyperlink in the Description column.
    Note: This information does not display for reviewers or verifiers, or for curators who do not have project access.
  4. To open the project that a job was run for, select its name from the Project column.
    For reviewers or verifiers, or for curators who do not have project access, the project ID appears in place of the project name and the link is not available.