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Geospatial Data Types

Tamr Core supports a set of GeoJSON data types for geospatial data uploaded to mastering projects and transformations.

For geospatial data, Tamr Core supports the Simple Features ISO 19125 standard with a single, heterogeneous layer. This standard is used by geographic information systems and specifies a common storage and access model of geometry types.

Tamr Core supports the following geospatial data types in GeoJSON format:

  • point is a longitude/latitude pair, where both of the geographic coordinates are specified in WGS84. point is an array<double>.
  • lineString is an array of point coordinates, such as [100.0, 0.0], [101.0, 1.0]. lineString is an array<array<double>>.
  • polygon is a linear ring representing the exterior, and zero or more interior linear rings representing holes. Each linear ring is defined as an array of points where the first and the last points are the same. polygon is an array<array<array<double>>>.

Transformations support these geospatial data types. See Working with Transformations for Geospatial Data.