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Filtering Categorizations

Filter record categorizations by assignment or status.

Open filtering options by selecting Filter filter on the categorized records page.

To close the filters panel, select Filter filter again.

Note: The categorized records page is the page to the right of Categories. The name of this page is project-specific and reflects what you are categorizing.

Filtering Options for Reviewers


Description and Options

My assignments

Filter to categorizations assigned to you for review.

My assignment status

Filter the status of categorizations assigned to you for review.


  • Completed
  • To-do

Note: When you respond to a record, the record's status changes from To-do to Completed. Tamr Core dynamically removes completed records from the currently filtered records.

For more filtering options, see Filtering Records in Categorization Projects.

Removing Filters

To remove your filtering choices, select Remove close next to Filter filter.


Removing a filter.