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Configuring Low-Latency Match Service

Tune performance of the low-latency match service.

importantimportant Important: This feature is in limited release. Before using the low-latency match (LLM) service, contact Tamr Support at [email protected] to discuss your use case and for configuration assistance.

You can tune the throughput and latency of the LLM service.

  • Throughput is the total time to match a set of records.
  • Latency is the total time between request and first response.

Before You Begin:
Parts of the LLM service use port 9170. To use the service, open this port.

To configure throughput and latency for the LLM service:

  1. Set the value of the configuration variable TAMR_LLM_BATCH_SIZE to the expected largest batch size using the administration utility. See Creating or Updating a Configuration Variable.
    The default value is 1000.
  • A lower value reduces latency while decreasing throughput.
  • A higher value increases latency while increasing throughput.
  1. Restart Tamr Core and its dependencies. See Restarting Tamr Core

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