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Auxiliary Services

Install and configure Tamr auxiliary services.

The procedures for installing and configuring auxiliary services for Tamr rely on running of the Tamr admin tool, unify-admin.sh. For syntax, see Admin Tool Command Reference.

Installing an Auxiliary Service

To install an auxiliary service

  1. Unzip the auxiliary service ZIP file in a directory on the Tamr server, such as ~. Examples of service names include connect and transformify. The name of the service will be clear from the contents of the ZIP file.
cd ~
unzip <service-name-and-version>.zip
  1. Run the auxiliary:install module of the unify-admin.sh admin tool, as follows:
<tamr-home-directory>/tamr/utils/unify-admin.sh auxiliary:install --appName <service-name> --configDefinitions ~/definitions.yaml --jarFile ~/<service-name>.jar --runtimeConfig ~/<service-name>.yaml

For help with syntax, see the Command Reference.

  1. Optionally set any non-default configuration values. See Configuring an Auxiliary Service.
  2. Restart Tamr. See Restarting.
  3. Check the service's health.
  • Navigate to http://<hostname>/docs#!/, scroll down to service/health and choose Try it out, or
  • Use the curl command:
curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' 'http://<hostname>:<port>/api/service/health'

Configuring an Auxiliary Service

The auxiliary service ZIP includes a YAML file, named definitions.yaml, that defines the service configuration. Review this file to confirm configuration variable names and their default values.

To configure an auxiliary service

  1. For any of the configuration variables defined in the service's definitions.yaml file, set its value using the admin tool. See Configuring Tamr.
  2. Re-render the service's configuration by running the command in Step 2 in Installing an Auxiliary Service in the previous procedure.
  3. Restart Tamr. See Restarting.

Disabling an Auxiliary Service

To disable an auxiliary service

  1. Stop Tamr.
  1. Remove the auxiliary service start script.
rm <tamr-home-directory>/tamr/auxiliary-services/bin/start-<service-name>.sh
  1. Restart Tamr.

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