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Creating an Enrichment Project

Create an enrichment project to validate, standardize, and supplement your data.

important Important: Tamr recommends enriching data through enrichment services in the Tamr Cloud offering, instead of through Tamr Core enrichment projects. If you are interested in using data enrichment, contact Tamr Support at [email protected] to discuss available options and recommendations. Enrichment in Tamr Core is in limited release. An additional data processing agreement is required, and you must work with Tamr to set certain configuration variables before enabling enrichment projects.

In order to create enrichment projects, you must first enable the enrichment project option.

Enabling Enrichment

Enable the enrichment project option by setting a flag in the browser’s developer tools each time you start a new browser session.

To enable enrichment:

  1. Sign in to Tamr Core.
  2. Open the browser’s developer tools.
    • In Chrome, access developer tools from the View > Developer Tools menu.
    • In FireFox, access developer tools from the Tools > Browser Tools menu.
    • In IE, access developer tools from the Tools > Developer menu.
  3. Select Console.
  4. Paste the following code into the console and then press Enter: tamrFeatureFlags.enrichmentEnable()

The enrichment project type is now available as an option when creating a new project.

Creating an Enrichment Project

Create an enrichment project for each type of enrichment service you would like to use on a dataset. For example, to apply both phone number validation and email validation to a record, create one enrichment project to use the phone number validation service and another to use the email validation service.

Note: Project names cannot include the characters /, \, or:, a leading ., or leading or trailing white spaces. Avoid using other special characters in project names. Project names that include the characters ?, #, or % can cause errors later in the project workflow.

To create an enrichment project:

  1. Navigate to the home page.
  2. Select Create New Project, and then choose the Enrichment project type.
  3. Supply the following information:
  • Project name
  • Enrichment type. See Enrichment Services for supported enrichment services.
  • Output dataset name
  • (Optional) Description
  1. Select Create Project.
    The Enrichment page opens. The output fields for the selected enrichment service appear at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the Input Dataset. Typically, this is a unified dataset created from prior schema mapping.
  3. Map input dataset columns to the required and optional mapped attributes for the enrichment service type. The enrichment service uses these mapped fields to enrich the data. See Enrichment Services for the mapped attributes for each enrichment service.
  4. Select Run Enrichment.

When the enrichment job is complete, the output dataset appears in the Dataset Catalog.