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Creating the Database and Database User

Create the user and database with which Tamr Core will access PostgreSQL.

Before You Begin:

  • Install PostgreSQL before creating the database and database user.
  • Review the permission and configuration requirements below.

Permission Requirements for the Database User

The database user must have the following permissions:

  • CRUD access to the tables in all the schemas in the database used by Tamr Core for normal operation.
  • For setup and upgrade, CRUD access to schema objects and schemas.

The simplest way to meet this requirement is to configure the Tamr Core database user as the owner of the database it uses.

Note: The Tamr Core database user does not require SUPERUSER access.

Configuration Requirements for the Tamr Core Database and Database User

The Tamr Core database and database user must meet these configuration requirements:

  • The name of the Tamr Core database must match the last path element in the TAMR_PERSISTENCE_DB_URL configuration variable. The default name is doit.
  • The user for the Tamr database must match the TAMR_PERSISTENCE_DB_USER configuration variable. The default is tamr.
  • The password for the Tamr database user must match the TAMR_PERSISTENCE_DB_PASS configuration variable.

important Important: For security purposes, do not use the default value for the Tamr database user password.

For more information on configuring Tamr Core access to PostgreSQL, including how to set the password used to access the database, see PostgreSQL.

Creating the Database and Database User

To create the database and database user:

  1. Follow the example below to create and configure the database and database user:
sudo su - postgres
psql -c "CREATE USER <username> PASSWORD '<password>';"
psql -c "CREATE DATABASE <database> WITH OWNER <username>;"
  1. Confirm that you can sign in to the PostgreSQL database with the username and password:
psql <database> -U <user> -h localhost -W
Password: <password>

After Tamr Core is installed, be sure to revisit the Configuration Requirements noted above to ensure that Tamr Core is configured correctly. See Configuring PostgreSQL for instructions on how to update PostgreSQL configuration.