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Security Configurations

Set these security measures during or immediately after installation.

To secure the Tamr Core deployment:

  1. Change passwords for the "admin" and "system" users. See Editing User Passwords.
  2. Enable SSL for PostgreSQL using the TAMR_PERSISTENCE_DB_URL configuration variable, recommended when PostgreSQL is installed on a different machine than Tamr Core. See Configuring Postgres.
  3. Configure the firewall for your deployment. Depending on your deployment type, see Single-Node Deployments , Deploying Tamr on AWS, Deploying Tamr on Azure, or Deploying Tamr on Google Cloud Platform.
  4. Secure Tamr Core with HTTPS. See Configuring HTTPS .
  5. (Optional) Connect to an external access control manager through LDAP or SAML. See SAML Authentication or LDAP Authentication.

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