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Data Enrichment

Enrich data in Tamr to get more complete and accurate data than with your internal data alone.

Enrichment enables you to integrate your internal data with additional data from Tamr enrichment services. You can use Tamr’s enrichment services to validate, standardize, and supplement your data to add enriched data to your unified dataset. Enrichment provides more complete and accurate data to help you make fully-informed business decisions. For example, you might use enrichment to to validate phone numbers or addresses.

Enrichment services are fully managed by Tamr and are delivered through a native integration with Tamr.

Tamr provides enrichment services such as phone validation, country code normalization, email verification, and global address validation. To view our services, see Tamr Enrichment Services.


Important: An additional data processing agreement is required to enable Enrichment. If you are interested in using enrichment services, please contact Customer Support.

Enrichment is available in Tamr v2021.002.1 and later for cloud-native deployments.

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