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Reviewing Categorizations

Apply your expertise to a categorization project by finding the correct category for your assigned records.

As a reviewer, you are assigned a sampling of the records in a dataset and asked to place them into the predefined categories of a taxonomy. When you are sure of the category for a record, you "label" the record with that category.

  • If that category is already associated with the record, either by another reviewer or by Tamr Core, you can upvote the label.
  • If a different category is already associated with the record and you disagree with that categorization, you can downvote it.
  • If you are confident that the category you selected is accurate, you can label the record with your category.

Comment on records to provide context or to explain for your responses. If you aren't sure of the category, provide an explanatory comment instead of guessing.

To locate records that are assigned to you, filter categorizations.

To provide your feedback, review categorizations.

Verifiers are responsible for deciding between conflicting responses. Reviewers help verifiers make the most informed decisions by providing labels, upvoting and downvoting the labels provided by others, and adding comments.

For information on configuring the display of tabular data in Tamr Core and searching for data, see Navigating Data.