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Logging in Cloud-Native Deployments

Use, locations, and configuration options for logs produced by Tamr Core and its microservices and by cloud platform services.

Tamr Core Logs

Tamr Core saves logs in the  <tamr_home_directory>/tamr/logs directory of the Tamr Core installation. Tamr Core logs are created for each of the microservices and the log levels of each can be configured by setting configuration variables with the unify-admin utility, see Configuring Tamr Core. For example the log level for "unify", the microservice for the front-end user interface of Tamr Core, can be adjusted using TAMR_UNIFY_LOG_LEVEL. By default, all log levels are set to INFO

Each microservice generates a <microservice>.log file and a <microservice>.request.log file. The <microservice>.log files contain broad information about the microservice, while the <microservice>.request.log tracks the API requests made to that microservice (including API requests generated by user actions in the UI).

Additional logs can also be generated depending on the microservice. If generated, the <microservice>.error.log contains ERROR level logs and <microservice>.out.log contains the standard output.

Cloud Platform Service Logs

Cloud PlatformServiceReferences
AWSAmazon EMR (Spark and Hbase)
Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Elasticsearch)
Amazon RDS (PostgreSQL)
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Deploying Tamr Core on AWS
GCPDataproc (Spark)
Bigtable (Hbase)
Cloud SQL (PostgreSQL)
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