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Author Tasks and Responsibilities

An author can create projects and upload new datasets into Tamr Core in addition to performing all curator tasks.


User roles are cumulative: in addition to the tasks and responsibilities described in this guide, authors can complete all actions available to reviewers, verifiers, and curators.

Introducing the Author Role

In organizations that grant administrative, “superuser” access only to members of an IT team, the author role can help streamline the Tamr Core project workflow. Authors are power users of Tamr Core who, in addition to completing all of the curator tasks, can also create projects. As a result, authors can complete all project-related work in Tamr Core without necessitating intervention from the IT team.

Like other users, authors are members of policies and can access only the projects and datasets that are resources of those policies.

  • When authors create projects, they add them to policies so that other team members can also contribute to them.
  • When authors upload or add datasets to a project, they also add them to policies.

Admin users remain solely responsible for creating and managing users, groups, and policies. Specifically, authors cannot:

  • Access the Users and Groups or Policies pages
  • Access the Dataset Catalog page to manage datasets

Helpful Pages for Authors