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Install Tamr Core on a single server with default values for all configuration variables and dependencies.

This section describes how to install Tamr Core in a single-node deployment. If you are installing Tamr Core in a cloud-native deployment, see on one of the following:

Tamr Core Software Package Dependent Components

The Tamr software bundle is unify.zip. In addition to the Tamr Core software package, the software bundle includes the following dependencies:

JavaOpenJDK 8

High-Level Installation Steps

  1. Before installing, review and complete the requirements.
  2. Install NGINX.
  3. Install PostgreSQL.
  4. Create the database and database user.
  5. Install Tamr Core and its dependencies.
  6. Set the license key.
  7. Restart Tamr Core.
  8. Update security configurations.
  9. Restart Tamr Core.
  10. Run validation health checks.
  11. After installation is complete, verify the installation.

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