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Coordinating a Mastering Project

Assign reviews and provide feedback on pairs and clusters in a mastering project.

In a mastering project, verifier is the role given to subject matter experts who provide feedback to improve pair and cluster suggestions, and also assign pair and cluster reviews to other team members.

When you are a verifier for a mastering project, you can:

  • Label pairs to provide initial training to the machine learning model.
  • Assign pairs to reviewers and other team members to solicit their expertise.
  • Evaluate responses from Tamr Core and other team members, and provide your own. See Viewing and Verifying Pairs.
  • Assign clusters to other verifiers, curators, and admins to distribute the cluster review workload.
  • Review clusters and provide feedback by verifying records in clusters, moving records to new clusters, and merging clusters together. See Verifying Clusters.

As a verifier, you cannot update results. Team members with the curator role (or above) can initiate update jobs.