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Commenting on Cluster Records

As a reviewer, you might be asked to add comments about the records in clusters.

To contribute your expertise on whether every record in a cluster represents the same unique entity, you can comment on records in a cluster.

Tip: When Tamr Core generates clusters, all records that are in the same record group are assigned to the same cluster. The groups themselves do not appear on the Clusters page.

To comment on a cluster record:

  1. In a mastering project, select the Clusters page.
  2. Optionally, on the left side filter to clusters that are assigned to you.
  3. On the left side, select a cluster. The table on the right updates to show only records in the selected cluster.
  4. On the right side, move your cursor over the left ens of a record and select Comment comment icon to leave a comment.


  1. Select the record and choose Open details on the right side.
  2. Select Comments.

For information about searching for cluster records, see Searching Cluster Records.

For information about filtering clusters and records, see Filtering Clusters.