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Monitoring Job Status

Monitor current job status and view additional details for jobs that are no longer running.

Job Statuses

A job can have one of the following statuses.

Waiting for resultsThe job is not yet submitted, waiting on the results of other jobs.
Waiting for resourcesThe job is waiting for Spark executors to become available to run.
QueuedThe job has not yet started execution.

Tip: This status applies to Core Connect jobs only.
RunningThe job has been submitted to Spark and is running.
Running - waiting for jobsThe job has completed successfully; however, transactions are still being committed.
CancellingThe job has been flagged to cancel and is aborting.
CancelledThe job has been canceled and there are no further actions.
Cancelled - undoing changesThe job has been canceled and transactions are being rolled back.
Failed - undoing changesThe job has failed and transactions are being rolled back.
FailedThe job has failed and there are no further actions.
SucceededThe job completed successfully.

You can cancel a job that is in a Waiting or Running status.

Viewing Status Details

All team members have read access to the Jobs page. An ID number replaces any project name that you do not have permission to access.

To view job status details:

  1. In the top right navigation bar., select Jobs. In the right column, Status, the job status appears.
  2. To search for a job by its description, enter a string in the search field and press Enter. Tamr Core limits the list of jobs shown to those that match your string.
  3. Admins, and curators and authors who have project access, can view additional details for a job that is Failed, Cancelled, or Succeeded by selecting the status.