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Reviewing Record Pairs

Review record pairs in a mastering project by filtering to pairs of interest and labeling pairs that DO and DO NOT match.

Applying Your Expertise in a Mastering Project

When datasets are combined, multiple records can exist that refer to the same entity. In Tamr, mastering projects "deduplicate" a dataset by identifying records that do, and do not, represent the same entity.

As a reviewer, you are assigned a sampling of the records in a dataset. Tamr has already paired up records and identified each pair as "match" or "no match". You review these Tamr predictions and use your expertise to determine when Tamr has gotten the match or no match label correct.

You can also comment on record pairs to provide context or an explanation for your responses.

Curators are responsible for deciding between conflicting responses. By providing labels and adding comments, reviewers give the curators insight into the perspectives of different experts, and ultimately help them make the most informed decisions.

See Viewing and Verifying Record Pairs.

For information on configuring the display of tabular data in Tamr, or searching for data, see Navigating Data.

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