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Filtering Records in Categorization Projects

To make your work with records more efficient, you can apply filters to view records based on your criteria.

Open filtering options by selecting Filter filter on the categorized records page.

To close the filters panel, select Filter filter again.

Note: The categorized records page is the page to the right of Categories. The name of this page is project-specific and reflects what you are categorizing.

Filtering Options


Description and Options

High-Impact Records

Filter to high-impact records.

High-impact records are those records from which the Tamr model learns the most. After each update of categorization results, Tamr marks new records as being high-impact.


Filter by records that are assigned for review and by response.


  • Not assigned
  • Assigned
    • Everyone responded
    • Some responded
    • No one responded


Filter by records for which reviewers have provided categorization feedback.


  • No user feedback
  • User feedback
    • Skipped
    • Users suggested single category
    • Users disagreed on categories

Categorized by

Filter by the user(s) who categorized records.


Filter by verification status of categorizations.


  • Not verified
  • Verified
    • Agrees with Tamr
    • Disagrees with Tamr
    • No Tamr suggestion


Filter by Tamr Core's confidence in its categorization suggestions for each record.

This filters is available only after Tamr Core predicts categorizations.


  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Custom Range
CommentsFilter by whether reviewers have entered comments for a record categorization.
Assigned toFilter by the users assigned to review categorizations.
CategoriesFilter by category.
SourcesFilter by selected source datasets.Records meet the filter if they include one or more records from the selected datasets.

Removing Filters

To remove your filtering choices, select Remove close next to Filter filter.