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Tamr Core Release Notes

These release notes describe new features, improvements, and corrected issues in each Tamr Core release.

See our Security page for the latest security updates and resources.

Tamr Core Releases

Important Information for All Releases

Upgrading Tamr Core to a New Release

Follow the upgrade instructions in the Tamr Core documentation for the version to which you are upgrading. If the version to which you are upgrading has patch releases, Tamr strongly recommends installing the latest patch to ensure you have the latest fixes and security enhancements.

Depending on the version from which you are upgrading, you may need to install required checkpoint releases as part of your upgrade path.

Required Checkpoint Releases

When you upgrade Tamr Core, you must upgrade to each of the intervening checkpoint versions before upgrading to a later version.

The following Tamr Core releases are checkpoint releases:

  • v2022.002
  • v2022.001
  • v2021.002
  • v2020.016
  • v2020.004

The upgrade utility prevents you from upgrading past a checkpoint version. For example, the following upgrade paths are allowed: v2020.017 -> v2021.002, v2021.001 -> v2021.002. These upgrade paths are prevented: v2020.016 -> v2021.003, v2019.019 -> v2021.002.

Installing Patch Releases

For every software release version that has a patch, Tamr strongly recommends that you upgrade to the most recent patch. To install the most recent patch, follow the upgrade instructions and supply the version number of the patch as the version for your upgrade.

If you want to upgrade directly to a patched version, specify the --skipCheckpointReleaseValidation flag when installing Tamr Core. For information, see Upgrading.

Obtaining Release Binary Files

Contact Tamr Support for release binary files for installation and upgrade. Checksums are available for binary validation.

Additional Resources

The Help Center is a self-guided knowledge base with troubleshooting tips and procedures.

Tamr Core 2024 Releases

v2024.001.1 Patch Release Notes

This patch release provides support for PostgreSQL version 15 in addition to PostgreSQL 12. The Tamr Core v2024.001 release will be the last major version to support PostgreSQL 12.

To upgrade to PostgreSQL version 15, see Upgrading PostgreSQL.

v2024.001.0 Release Notes

New Features and Improvements

This release includes the following new features.

Validation check for valid TAMR_BACKUP_URI
Tamr Core validation script now checks if TAMR_BACKUP_URI points to a valid path. An invalid path does not prevent Tamr from starting. However, if the path does not exist or cannot be created, the user receives an error when attempting to start a backup.

Configure whether non-admin users can see the usernames of deactivated users on comments
A new Tamr configuration variable is available, which enables Tamr admins to choose whether to display the names of deactivated users in comments: TAMR_AUTH_ALLOW_VIEWING_DEACTIVATED_USERS. If set to true, non-admin users can view username of deactivated users on comments.

  • False (default): [Unknown user] is displayed for deactivated users.
  • True: The names of deactivated users are displayed.

Option to truncate an existing dataset when uploading in the UI

A new Truncate Existing Dataset option is available in the Add Dataset > Upload File dialog. Select this option to truncate the existing dataset, if present, when uploading a dataset file.

For golden records, Update and Publish are now single jobs

  • Update is now a standalone job and no longer calls Profile after it completes.
  • Publish now launches a combined job that publishes the golden record dataset and profiles the source datasets. This also resolves an issue in which the profiling information became out-of-date for one of the sources after Publish golden records was run.
  • Update & Publish now launches two jobs, one each for Update and Publish, instead of the previous three jobs; the Profile job is no longer a separate job.
  • Running a re-profile job from the UI is no longer required to run either the Update or Publish golden records jobs.

Fixed Issues

This release corrects the following error.

  • Task pollers became stuck in retry state due to stale JWT token. Found in: v2023.004.0. Fix versions: v2024.001.0. In some cases, task pollers started using JWT authorization could outlive the lifetime of the key used to validate the JWT, leaving them stuck in retry state. Task pollers now fail permanently when they encounter such an authentication failure. This fix does not modify the behavior of the job that the poller is monitoring.

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