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Users, Roles, and Groups

Manage users' permissions through their assigned roles and groups.


Users are user accounts tied to people or functional accounts that exist for specific applications to use.

You can:


Effective data practices rely on individuals with different areas of expertise, and you can utilize any number of Tamr Core roles to meet your organization’s goals. Tamr does not require the use of all roles. Admins can configure user role assignments as needed for your organization.

Tamr Core provides the following predefined user roles:

  • Admin: This role is required for dataset, project, and user management, including uploading source datasets and exporting any Tamr-generated datasets.
  • Curator: This role grants permission for most actions in a project, including exporting source datasets, running project jobs, and curating assignments. Curators cannot create projects or edit project permissions; these permissions are granted only to admin users.
  • Verifier: This role grants permission to manage assignments and verify Tamr Core suggestions in mastering and categorization projects.
  • Reviewer: This role grants permission to review assignments in a project, navigate unified datasets and create comments.


Groups are logical expressions of organization, tying users together for a common purpose. Groups allow you to organize user permissions for multiple users at once. You can edit a group's roles per project.

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