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Using Fill, Unpivot, and Formula

Tamr provides streamlined and efficient alternatives to scripts through these options.

When you use the transformation panel to add a transformation, the transformation editor that opens offers the following options:

The options available when you add a transformation.The options available when you add a transformation.

The options available when you add a transformation.

While the Script option offers a flexible, fully featured utility for writing SQL-like scripts, the other options provide ways to transform data by using a more structured interface.

  • Scripts can use all types of statements, including SELECT, GROUP BY, and JOIN. These statements can include multiple expressions. See Writing Transformation Scripts.
  • Formula provides an interface for a SELECT statement with a single expression.
  • Fill provides an interface for a single SELECT statement in which the expression is always a string literal.
  • Unpivot provides a template for a simplified UNPIVOT statement. If you choose this Unpivot option, it can only act on the columns of your dataset. In order to write a more complex unpivot, you must use the UNPIVOT statement within a script, where you can apply the unpivot to more complex expressions (such as including functions) and literals.

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