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You can alter record values in a unified dataset by setting up transformations.

Transformations allow you to change the final output of a unified dataset in Tamr Core without having to transform each of the individual input datasets before uploading them into a project.

Example use cases for transformations include:

  • Concatenating addresses or names that are stored by multiple input attributes together into a unified attribute.
  • Cleaning values by removing whitespace or delimiters.
  • Applying consistent formatting to dates.

Transformations modify the unified dataset of a project. Transformations do not alter input datasets directly.

For detailed information about transformations, see the Transformations Guide.

You can define transformations in schema mapping, mastering, and categorization projects. To work with transformations, choose the Unified Dataset page.

Note: To add transformations to a mastering or categorization project you must indicate that you want the project to include this feature. For more information, see Enabling Transformations in Categorization and Mastering Projects.