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Labeling Record Pairs

Improve the accuracy of the matching model by evaluating and labeling suggested pairs.

Labeling a Record Pair

You can label record pairs individually or in bulk.

To label record pairs individually:

  1. Navigate to the Pairs page in a mastering project.
  2. In the Your Response column for a pair, select Match matchmatch or No match No match iconNo match icon.

Labeling a pair as "No match".

To label multiple pairs:

  1. Navigate to the Pairs page in a mastering project.
  2. Use the checkboxes that appear as you move your cursor over the left end of the rows (as shown above) to select pairs to label.
    Tip: Use Ctrl+Select (Windows) or Cmd+Select (Mac) to select multiple record pairs.
  3. Select Match matchmatch or No Match No match iconNo match icon, above the table.

Viewing a Record Pair Side-By-Side

To make a detailed comparison of two paired records, you can view the record values side-by-side. When you compare record details, all values display. In this view, shaded rows indicate that values are identical between records.

To view a record pair in more detail:

  1. Select a pair by selecting anywhere in its row.
  2. Select Compare details. A side-by-side view of the records' values opens in a new dialog box.

The Compare details option opens the two records in a pair side by side.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Side-by-side view supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • M: Match
  • N: No match
  • S: Skip
  • Left arrow key: Previous
  • Right arrow key: Next

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