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Labeling Pairs

Improve the accuracy of the matching model by evaluating and labeling suggested pairs.

Labeling a Record Pair

You can label pairs of records and groups individually or in bulk.

To label pairs individually:

  1. In a mastering project, select the Pairs page.
  2. In the Your Response column for a pair, select Match match or No match No match icon.

Labeling a pair as "No match".

To label multiple pairs:

  1. In a mastering project, select the Pairs page.
  2. Use the checkboxes that appear as you move your cursor over the left end of the rows (as shown above) to select pairs to label.
  3. Use Ctrl+Select (Windows) or Cmd+Select (Mac) to select additional pairs.
  4. Select Match match or No Match No match icon, above the table.

Viewing a Record Pair Side-By-Side

To make a detailed comparison of two paired records or groups, you can view their values side-by-side. When you compare details, values display for all attributes. In this view, shaded rows indicate that the values are identical.

To view a pair in more detail:

  1. Select a pair by selecting anywhere in its row.
  2. Select Compare details. A side-by-side view of the values opens in a new dialog box.

The Compare details option opens the two records in a pair side by side.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Side-by-side view supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • M: Match
  • N: No match
  • S: Skip
  • Left arrow key: Previous
  • Right arrow key: Next