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Reviewer Tasks and Responsibilities

Users with the reviewer role have deep knowledge of the data and can act as subject matter experts.


The tasks and responsibilities completed by reviewers are the foundation for all other user roles.

Introducing the Reviewer Role

As a reviewer, you are a subject matter expert with deep knowledge of the data in a Tamr Core project. For mastering projects, you provide expert recommendations and commentary on Tamr Core suggestions, contributing your expertise to help Tamr Core accurately identify duplicate data records. For categorization projects, you help Tamr Core correctly categorize records by upvoting and downvoting categorizations suggested by Tamr Core and other reviewers. You also can propose your own suggestions.

A verifier or curator verifies your feedback in these projects. Once verified, your feedback helps to improve the Tamr Core machine learning models and output.

While you do not provide feedback on schema mapping or golden records projects, you can view these projects.

Helpful Pages for Reviewers