Tamr Documentation


Installs Tamr on a single server with default values for all configuration variables and dependencies.


Please review the requirements before undertaking the following procedures.


Steps to install Tamr and its dependencies.

Setting the License Key

Obtaining a license key

To obtain a license key please contact Tamr support.

To set the Tamr license key you must set a value for the configuration variable TAMR_LICENSE_KEY.

To set a value for TAMR_LICENSE_KEY:

  1. Export the configuration variable TAMR_LICENSE_KEY in local-env.sh, see Configuring Tamr Using local-env.sh.

  2. Additionally, set the configuration variable TAMR_LICENSE_KEY in Zookeeper, see Updating a configuration variable.

  3. Restart Tamr (Restarting).


Steps to restart Tamr and its dependencies.