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Categorization Project

Reviewers should filter to their assignments to be done by opening the filter panel and clicking the "My Assignments" button.

As reviewers add categorizations, or up- or down-vote existing categorizations, records will disappear from the screen.

Reviewers have options for each question:

  • Accept Tamr's categorization
  • Reject Tamr's categorization
  • Offer an alternative categorization themselves
  • Skip the question
  • Up- or Down-vote Tamr's or another Reviewer's categorization

Users can also leave comments, which will be visible in the right tab of the side panel.

Reviewer toolbar for assigned records.

Reviewer toolbar for assigned records.

If a reviewer is sure of a category, they can label an item themselves or upvote another user's (or Tamr's) categorization. If they disagree, they can relabel, and know that curators have the power to decide between conflicting responses. In addition, if they disagree but are unsure of the true answer, they can down-vote. This allows the curator to see how different experts are responding, and ultimately make the most informed decision possible.