Yarn Fails To Start Due To Domain Name Resolution Error

Problem: You run into "Failed to start local Yarn" issue while running the start dependencies script.

Cause: This issue arises when Tamr is not able to resolve the hostname. When Yarn fails to start while running the Tamr dependencies script, it is important to check the Yarn logs located at <TAMR_HOME>/tamr/logs. If you see a “Name or service not known” error message in the logs, it means that Tamr was not able to resolve the domain name of the server on which it is installed.

Resolution: To fix this issue, add the following line to /etc/hosts file and restart Tamr and Tamr dependencies:

<host_ip> <hostname>

where host_ip is the IP address and hostname is the hostname that Tamr is not able to resolve.

For example:

xx.xxx.xxx.xxx ip-xx.xxx.xxx.xxx.domain.com