Creating Flag for Existing Data

You may wish to identify records which share a particular set of values; this may be to clarify the signal for machine learning models, or to create a simpler user experience of searching for records with multiple AND clauses.

One way to do this is to have a column which acts as a flag highlighting the desired combination of values. This can be done easily with a transformation.

First, create an attribute in the unified dataset to represent the flag. Then, add a formula transformation, setting the output attribute to the flag attribute you just created.

A flag creating transformation could be something like this:


  when get(VAL1, 0) == 'Y' AND get(VAl2, 0) == 'Y' then array('1')

  else array('0')


This transformation sets the flag to 1 when both VAL1 and VAL2 contain 'Y', or 0 otherwise.