How To Look for Values in an Array Using array.contains

You may be familiar with the IN operator, used in SQL.

There is a function in transformations with the equivalent functionality, called array.contains. To find examples on how to use array.contains, control+click or command+click (depending your OS) on the function in your code editor. This will open the function docs for this function, where you can read the arguments and see a comprehensive list of live-tested examples of how this function behaves.

Take the following code, for example.

SELECT array.contains(array, string) AS array_contains_item

This will transform this table:

array string
['how', 'are', 'you'] 'you'

to this:


To view detailed documentation for any function, you can control/command+click on it, click the link to function docs on the top right of your transformation panel, or go to <instance-url>/function-docs, e.g. (replace "tamr.mydomain" with your Tamr domain address).

For more information, visit the public docs on Array Functions.