How To Initiate a Backup and Restore of Tamr?

Initiating Backup

To initiate a backup of Tamr and Tamr dependencies, make sure you don’t have any current jobs running.

To initiate a backup, go to the swagger docs - http://:9100/docs and select the “versioned” tab.

Search for the POST /v1/backups API call.

Select “Try it out!” to initiate an asynchronous backup operation.

To view the status of the initiated backup, use:

Please note that while a backup operation is in progress, Tamr may not be available. Some pages (for example, “projects” page and “datasets” page would show blank). It is preferable to not perform any actions on the Tamr UI while a backup is in progress.

Initiating Restore

Initiating Restore
To initiate a restore operation, go to the swagger docs and select the versioned tab.

Search for POST /v1/instance/restore API call.

Enter the full path of the backup directory in the blank next to body parameter. For example, if your backup directory (backup_dir) is located at /home/ubuntu/tamr_backups/backup_dir, then the body would be /home/ubuntu/tamr_backups/backup_dir. Note that restore sometimes expects the backup directory to be within /data/tamr/tamr/backups. If the folder is here, simply provide the relative path (in most cases, just the name of the backup folder) from /data/tamr/tamr/backups.

Once you select “Try it out!”, it initiates an asynchronous restore operation.

To check the status of the initiated restore operation, use the following API call located on the versioned tab: