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The API version is reflected in the URL of the API resource.

Tamr provides versioned and non-versioned API services for Tamr Core. Tamr strongly recommends using endpoints in the versioned service only, and does not guarantee continued support for the non-versioned API services. See Versioning.

Tamr uses semantic versioning to track API changes. When backwards-incompatible changes are made to the API, Tamr updates the major version number. To check the current API version, you can use List latest supported API version for each supported major version.

Note: Tamr Core and the Tamr Core APIs use different versioning schemes. The APIs use v.n.nn.n format, such as v1.10.0. Updates to the Tamr Core platform are released frequently and use the following format: vYYYY.rrr.p, for example, v2021.020.1.