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Report usages of a dataset by project steps and downstream datasets

On success, returns a JSON object with information about the specific project steps and datasets that rely on the specified dataset. The JSON usage object and dependencies object contain this information respectively. Both the usage and dependencies objects contain the same set of components:

KeyValue Description
datasetIdThe deployment-specific ID of the dataset returned. Unique across the entire deployment of Tamr Core.
datasetNameThe name of the dataset.
Either user-given or user-generated to reflect which project and step the dataset is associated with.
inputToProjectStepsAn array of all project steps to which the dataset is used as input. See the table that follows.
outputToProjectStepsAn array of all project steps from which the dataset is output. See the table that follows.

In addition, each project step listed in either inputToProjectSteps or outputToProjectSteps contain the following fields:

projectStepIdThe extended ID of the project step in which the dataset is used. Unique across the entire instance of Tamr Core.
projectStepNameThe name of the projectStep. Defined by the projectName appended by the type.
projectNameThe name of the project with which the step is associated.
typeThe type of project step in which the dataset is used.
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