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Update dedup data (and metadata) in low-latency match service storage

Returns the ID of the job that pushes data to LLM storage (HBase), or -1 if mastering data used by LLM service is up-to-date with respect to the last published clusters when updateClusters is true and useManualClustering is false.

This method starts a job to update the indices that are used for serving LLM queries. After the created job completes successfully, the LLM query endpoint uses the blocking and dedup model as well as the data in the mastering project to find matches for incoming queries.

Implementation Details:
This method returns the ID of an operation unless LLM is up-to-date with the latest dedup data.

  • If LLM has not been initialized it returns the initialization operation.
  • If LLM has been initialized, but data needs to be materialized, it returns the materialization operation.
  • If LLM initialization is required, this method may generate both operations and return the initialization operation.
  • If the data is up-to-date, -1 is returned.

During an LLM update, existing LLM data is used to process match requests. Once the update is complete the newer data is used for matching. LLM manages update transactions to ensure LLM data is always consistent.

Note: This method has two additional parameters that are available for testing purposes only: updateTransformations and nonLinearTransformationHandling.

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