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Initiate an asynchronous backup operation

After the backup process starts, the service returns backup identifiers and the backup proceeds asynchronously.

  • You can use the relativeId to get the status of the backup. See Check Backup Status.
  • You can create backups in AWS S3, GCS, HDFS, or a local folder. See Configuring a Backup Location.
  • If another backup is already in progress, the service returns an error.

See Get all backups for a description of the JSON object returned in the response.

About the Backup Process

The Tamr Core backup process behaves as follows:

  1. Tamr Core enters read-only mode.
  2. The Postgres database, application configuration, and files in HDFS are backed up to the backup directory.
  3. Creates an HBase snapshot and the backup of the ElasticSearch begins.
  4. Tamr Core reenters read-write mode.
  5. The HBase snapshot is copied to the backup directory.
  • If the backup process completes successfully, the service writes a SUCCEEDED file to the backup directory.
  • If the backup process fails, the service writes a FAILED file to the backup directory.

See also Initiate an asynchronous restore operation.

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