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Bulk upload categories to a categorization project

Bulk creating categories takes the same form as creating one category. It requires a path for each category you want to add from the parent (root) to the category (node), including the category itself.

Each parent category must already exist. However, both parents and children can be created in the same call as long as the parent is created before the child in the ordering of the body. For example:

{"path":["Tier One Category"]}
{"path":["Tier One Category", "Tier Two Category"]}
{"path":["Another Tier One Category"]}
{"path":["Another Tier One Category", "Other Tier Two Category"]}
{"path":["Tier One Category", "Tier Two Category", "Tier Three Category"]}

The call returns an object with metadata concerning the creation.

KeyValue Description
numCategoriesCreatedThe number of newly created categories.
allCategoriesSuccessfulBoolean. True if all categories were successfully created or already exist.
validationErrorsIf the call fails, a detailed error message describing the issue.
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