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Publish the Golden Records output dataset

The v1/projects/{project}/publishedGoldenRecords:refresh endpoint takes these parameters:

Query parameter: validate, type: Boolean.
If validate is set to true, Tamr Core validates the golden record rules before publishing. Specifically, Tamr Core validates that preferred sources for your golden record dataset include all known sources in your input datasets.

Query Parameter: version. Possible values: CURRENT, LATEST_GOLDEN_RECORDS_REFRESH
It specifies the versions of the golden record rules and input datasets that Tamr Core uses for publishing golden records.

  • If set to CURRENT, the versions represent the latest saved version of the golden record rules and the current version of the input data.
  • If set to LATEST_GOLDEN_RECORDS_REFRESH, the versions represent the snapshot of the latest refresh operation of the unpublished golden records. The latest refresh operation refers to the output of the last successful run of v1/project/{projects}/goldenRecords:refresh.
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