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Stream the contents of the binning model as JSON records

Note: If you try this call in the Swagger documentation, you receive no content in the response body. You must use cURL or the API clients to execute this call.

On success, this call returns information about each term in the blocking model, of the specified project. The response is a stream of newline-separated JSON documents, one line per term.

KeyValue Description
idThe ID of the blocking term, which is unique across the project.
isActiveBoolean value. Whether the term is currently active in the blocking model of the project.
clauseIdThe id of the clause to which the term belongs.
similarityFunctionThe similarity function used when comparing pair values.
tokenizerThe method used to separate text into discrete machine-readable pieces, or tokens, for comparison. This is only applicable to string-valued fields.
fieldNameThe name of the record field being compared for the blocking term.
thresholdThe user-defined similarity threshold used to decide whether a pair of records is a matching or non-matching pair.
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