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Error Handling

Tamr Core API calls return conventional HTTP success or error status codes.

On success, calls return a response code of 200 and the expected object.

Error Types

For errors, the API provides information about what went wrong. All errors are returned as JSON objects. An example error response follows:

  "status": 404,
  "class": "com.tamr.common.except.ResourceNotFoundException",
  "message": "No Operation found with ID [1000000]",
  "stackTrace": [
  "causedBy": null,
  "service": "Public API"

The following table describes the data and metadata for an error.

KeyValue Description
statusThe HTTP status code of the error returned. See HTTP Status Codes.
classThe class that threw the error.
messageA short description of the error.
stackTraceThe series of calls made by the endpoint.
causedByA short message indicating why the error occured.
serviceThe microservice that caused the error.

HTTP Status Codes

Status CodeText
400Bad Request
404Not Found
422Unprocessable Entity
500Internal Server Error