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Import categorization labels into a categorization project

You call this endpoint to add or remove categorization labels for records. In the category object of the body, you can specify either the categoryId or a path, and an optional reason.

  • If you specify a categoryId, the format is "categoryId": "resourceId of category: unify://my-instance/v1/projects/1/taxonomy/categories/3"
  • If you specify a path, the format is "path": [ /* string array representing the path of the category */ ]

An example follows.

Note: You must supply each JSON object on a single line. This example is pretty-printed for readability.

  "action": "CREATE|DELETE",
  "recordId": "...",
  "record": {
    "verified": {
      "category": {
        "categoryId": 'unify://unified-data/v1/projects/12/taxonomy/categories/3',
        "path": [ "cat1", "cat12" ]
      "reason": "Optional description for the label choice"

On success, this call streams records in as new-line separated categorization dataset actions. See Modify Records in a Dataset.

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