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Get the categories of a categorization project

Retrieving a taxonomy returns an array of JSON objects, where each object describes one category in the taxonomy.

Response Fields

KeyValue Description
idThe ID of the category. Unique across the entire deployment of Tamr Core. Ends with a numeric ID, which is the id that you can use for other dataset API operations.
nameThe name of the category.
descriptionAn optional description of the category.
parentThe ID of the parent category. Only included if the node has a parent.
pathThe path, by name, to the category. If the category has no parent, the list only contains the category itself.
createdMetadata about the creation of the category, including username, time, and version.
lastModifiedMetadata about the most recent modification of the category, including username, time, and version.
relativeIdThe ID of the project stripped of the instance name. The digits after categories/ in this ID can be used in API calls.
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