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Run Bulk Match and Low Latency Match Actions

Use the match service APIs to compare external records to a mastering project and discover any matches to existing records or to both records and clusters.

Bulk Match

The bulk match service is intended for use when you have a large number (from tens of thousands to millions) of records to match. When the job completes, you use an operation ID to retrieve results.

Low Latency Match (LLM)

The low-latency match (LLM) service is synchronous and is intended for use when you have a small number (up to a thousand) of records to match.

Note: The low-latency matching service is available on port 9170, not the default port (9100). The endpoints for Query LLM Status, Query Last LLM Update, and Perform LLM Match are different than the endpoint for Update LLM Data. Contact Tamr support for configuration assistance.