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Run Bulk Match and Low Latency Match Actions

Use the match services to compare external records to a mastering project and discover any matches to existing records or to both records and clusters.

Bulk Match

The versioned Bulk Match service is intended for use when you have a large number (from tens of thousands to millions) of records to match. When the job completes, you use its operation ID to retrieve results.


Low Latency Match (LLM)

The low-latency match (LLM) service is synchronous and is intended for use when you have a small number (up to a thousand) of records to match.

important Important: This feature is in limited release. Before using the LLM service, contact Tamr Support at [email protected] to discuss your use case and for configuration assistance.

Note: The low latency matching service is available on port 9170, not the default port (9100). After you enable LLM for a project with Update dedup data (and metadata) in low-latency match service storage on port 9100, you access the other endpoints for this service on port 9170: