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Get all backups

On success, calls provide an array of JSON objects with information about each available backup file.

KeyValue Description
idThe deployment-specific ID for the backup. Unique across the Tamr Core deployment.


To identify the backup in other API calls, you use the numeric value after backups/.
relativeIdThe ID of the backup stripped of the instance name and backups/.
userThe username that initiated the backup.
backupPathThe backup file's location.
stateThe processing status of the backup: SUCCEEDED, PENDING, RUNNING, or FAILED.
stageAn indicator of what has been completed of the backup procedures.
errorMessageDescription of the error for a backup that was prevented from running, such as another backup already in progress.
createdThe timestamp for when the backup was created.
lastModifiedThe timestamp when the backup was modified.

See also Initiate an asynchronous restore operation.

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