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Update an Attribute Configuration

Replace (overwrite) an attribute configuration

This endpoint allows updating of machine learning details for a unified attribute. For example, the PUT body:

  "similarityFunction": "COSINE",
  "enabledForMl": true,
  "tokenizer": "DEFAULT",
  "attributeName": "My Unified Attribute"

updates the configuration for My Unified Attribute. Note that you can optionally include id, relativeId, and relativeAttributeId that ar returned in the response in the PUT request body.

The requirements for the PUT body are:

  • similarityFunction value is required. Available functions (values) are COSINE, JACQUARD, ABSOLUTE_DIFF, and RELATIVE_DIFF. The default is ABSOLUTE_DIFF.
  • numericFieldResolution or tokenizer are required. One value must be specified, but not both. Options for the tokenizer are 'DEFAULT', STEMMING_EN, BIGRAM, TRIGRAM, BI-WORD, and REGEX.
  • attributeRole is optional and empty. You can specify one of these values: SUM_ATTRIBUTE for spend and CLUSTER_NAME_ATTRIBUTE for supplier, as applicable to each project type.
  • enabledForMl is optonal and defaults to false if left blank.

Response Fields

Returns an attribute configuration object describing the attribute configuration that has been updated.