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Update an Attribute

You can update an attribute's description only.



To update an attribute, the following must be true:

  • Attribute's name has to be the same
  • Attribute's type has to be the same

This means the only field that can be updated for an attribute is the description.

For example, the following PUT request body updates the description of myAttribute.

  "name": "myAttribute",
  "description": "new info about myAttribute",
  "type": {
    "baseType": "STRING"

Response Fields

Returns a JSON object with the name and data type of the attribute, and its description if exists.




The name of the attribute.


Optional. The description of the attribute. Will only be included in the response if there is a description associated with the attribute.


The type of the attribute. Will contain a base type. For certain base types, such as array or map, it will also contain an inner type describing the type contained by the base type (e.g. boolean or int).