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Create a Category

Create a category and add it to a categorization project

Creating a category only requires the path from the parent to the category, including the category. The name field is completely optional, and will be overwritten by the last item in the path.

  "name": "Tier Two Category",
  "path": [
    "Tier One Category",
    "Tier Two Category"


Parents and Paths

Creating a category will only be successful if the parent categories in the path have all already been created.

Response Fields

Retrieving a category will return a JSON object made up of information describing the category.




The ID of the category. Unique across the entire deployment of Tamr. Ends with the numeric ID, which is the id that will be used for other dataset API operations.


The name of the category.


The ID of the parent category. Only included if the node has a parent.


The path, by name, to the category. If the category has no parent, the list will only contain the category itself.


Metadata about the creation of the category.


Metadata about the most recent modification of the category.


The ID of the category stripped of the instance name. This ID can be used in API calls.