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Editing a Project’s Permissions

Add a project to a policy to allow access, or remove it from a policy to prevent access.

Policies control which users and groups have access to projects. From the Tamr Core home page, you can edit a project to add it to, or remove it from, an existing policy. You can also edit other project settings.

To edit project permissions:

  1. Navigate to the home page.
  2. Move your cursor over the top right corner of the project tile and then select Edit edit iconedit icon. A popup opens to the project's settings.
  3. Select Permissions. Policies that currently include the project as a member or resource appear at the top of the list of policies.
  4. To remove this project from a policy, select Remove closeclose next to the list of members or resources.
    Tip: To change a policy that allows access to all projects, select Manage policies from Permissions page at the bottom of the popup instead.
  5. To add this project to a policy, select Add add iconadd icon next to the list of members or resources.
  6. Select Save.

For more complex changes, including adding a policy or working with additional projects, you can select Manage policies from Permissions page to open the Policies page. Any completed work is not saved.

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