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v2020.006 Notes

Tamr release notes.

New Features and Improvements

The following new features and improvements were completed in this release.

  • Stopped retrying the request if the table limit exceeds 1,000 tables in GCP BigTable.
  • Reduced unnecessary authentication service dependencies.
  • Made the Grafana path configurable.
  • Improved accessibility of user interfaces for cluster verification.

Fixed Issues

The following support issues were fixed in this release.

  • Fixed an issue where the matching service on port 9170 was not healthy and LLM could not be used to query projects. Affects versions: v2020.002.0. Fix versions: v2020.006.0.
  • Fixed an issue in the user interface where a user could not delete many datasets, including the unified dataset, of a dedup project that has been published. Affects versions: v2019.023.1. Fix versions: v2020.006.0.
  • Fixed an issue where the Delete Dataset dialogue cuts off critical information and requires you to scroll. Previously, in the Delete Dataset dialog, long dataset names were cut off. This made it impossible to determine which derived dataset was preventing a user from deleting a particular dataset. Affects versions: v2019.026.0. Fix versions: v2020.006.0.
  • Fixed an issue where reindexing feedback documents failed when there were feedback documents associated with existing unified datasets from deleted projects in persistence.
  • Fixed an issue where the Open second cluster browser button was not disabled when the map was open.
  • Fixed an issue where Preview returned a 500 error for an empty metadata reference.
  • Fixed an issue where an upgrade failed with a failure during backup, indicating that /home/ubuntu/tmp did not exist.

Known Issues

The following known issues exist in this release.

  • Status field (text and icon) on the Jobs page is not centered and the icon is truncated.
  • Mapped/Unmapped attribute filters are not working on any downstream project in a project with chained datasets, after an upgrade to v.2019.023.1 and greater. If you encounter this issue, contact Tamr Support for information about a workaround (running an internal-only API request that calculates attribute mappings in this case).
  • Column resizing on the Users page does not behave as expected.
  • The schema mapping project is not showing out-of-dateness for projects.
  • The Unified Dataset page throws an error in the user interface when you are logged in as a reviewer.
  • Job submission for chained projects may not appear immediately on the Jobs page after choosing Submit. Submit is not disabled in this case. Pre-processing of dataset versions takes place before Tamr submits the jobs to Spark and Tamr is not currently accounting for this time on the Jobs page.
  • The job for Updating results is not showing the project it is associated with on the Jobs page.
  • The upgrade process updates all record pair feedback to use unified record IDs instead of origin record IDs. This process runs automatically when upgrading. However, this process depends on Elasticsearch index being up-to-date for the unified dataset before you start an upgrade process. In cases where the index is not up-to-date at the time of upgrading to version v.2019.024 or greater, the upgrade process will have no effect and the pre-upgrade pair feedback will not be migrated or deleted. As a workaround, before you upgrade, index the unified dataset in Elasticsearch, and after you upgrade, run the following endpoint manually: /api/dedup/pairs/feedback/migrate, and then run the job that updates pairs for your project.

Geospatial support:

  • Cannot update golden records with a geospatial data type present.
  • A warning displays in the browser console for any page or details panel that contains geospatial record types in mastering projects.
  • Error when attempting sorting by a geospatial type attribute.
  • Most frequent values are not showing up for a geospatial type field on a profiled attribute on the Schema Mapping page.
  • The schema mapping suggestion fails if a geospatial record type attribute is present.
  • Export is failing on a dataset with geospatial data.


See upgrading page for instructions.

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v2020.006 Notes

Tamr release notes.

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