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v2019.012 Notes

Tamr Unify release notes.

What's New


  • Added finer granularity to Job statuses in the UI. "Failed" and "Pending" states have more descriptive states if the job is waiting on resources to start, or is rolling back transactions before completing. These states are determined by checking the job state and the task storage status. The UI may report the following states for a job:
    • Waiting for results - The job is unsubmitted, waiting on the results of other jobs.
    • Waiting for resources - The job is waiting for Spark Executors to become available to run.
    • Succeeded - The job completed successfully.
    • Running - The job has been submitted to spark and is running.
    • Running - waiting for jobs - The job has been completed successfully however transactions are still being committed.
    • Canceling - The job has been flagged to cancel and is aborting.
    • Canceled - The job has been canceled and there are no further actions.
    • Canceled - undoing changes - The job has been canceled and transactions are being rolled back.
    • Failed - undoing changes - The job has failed and transactions are being rolled back.
    • Failed - The job has failed and there are no further actions.


  • Added a geospatial sidebar extension to the pairs sidebar. Includes a chart where:
    • geospatial data is drawn, along with a scale (in km/m/cm) and
    • a details dialog for viewing individual long/lat points that make up each geospatial feature.

General Improvements and Major Bug Fixes


  • Upon the initiation of a Unify upgrade, the admin utility now checks whether any Tasks are in a non-terminal state. If so, a message indicating that the upgrade cannot run until those Tasks are finished is displayed. If so, you should wait until the task(s) complete and retry the upgrade. Otherwise, upgrade proceeds as usual. The following is a list of those states:


  • Implemented a performance improvement to reduce the number of Elasticsearch refresh operations performed when upvoting (or downvoting) categorizations.

Golden Records

  • Clicking on a table header will sort the table in descending, ascending, and default order.
  • Cluster IDs link in a new tab to the input Mastering project's cluster.
    • Links are enabled if there is access to the mastering project, and the input dataset to the Golden Record project is a Mastering project.


See upgrading page for instructions.

v2019.012 Notes

Tamr Unify release notes.

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