Tamr Documentation

v2019.003 Notes

New Features



  • A new cluster sidebar has been added to the right side of the Clusters page. It shows record movement in and out of the cluster, as well as record counts over time, for all published clusters.

General Improvements and Major Bug Fixes


  • Added new Transformation Functions runtime_datetime() and runtime_date(). Both return a string in ISO format representing either the date and time or only the date.


  • Bulk Matching now uses published clusters. If no clusters have been published, bulk match will use the current clusters.
  • Precision, Recall, Accuracy and F-score are now explained with tooltips in the Confusion Matrix panel on the Pairs page.


  • All Project objects now have an externalId field, which must be unique across Projects and is human-friendly. It can be specified at creation or will be set by default.
  • The List all Projects endpoint now accepts a filter parameter to specify the externalId.


See upgrading page for instructions.